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Grace and Sarah Anderson  (JW, HL, HR, HM )

Jenny, Nathan, Rebecca and Joshua Biggs  (MR, JW, ES)

Jerri Zimmer (RX, MS, ND)

Ron/Patti Byerly, Sean Anderson  (ND, CA, HR, FW, MS, ST, MR, HL)

Krista Moe (BP)

Terry Fender (CA, HV, SM)

Shannon Thompson  (SF, NZ-black)

Brooke Bunch (MR, MS)

S &W Rabbitry - Darrin Smith, Jill Smith, Tara Watson, Trent Watson (FG, MR, PO)

Moon Flower Farm - Stephanie Howard (EL) and [email protected]

Divinedaydreams Homestead Rabbitry - Linda Ciccoli (AC) facebook page only